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Ben Radley

Political Economist

My research centres on processes of economic transformation in the global South, with a regional focus on Central Africa and a particular concern with resource-based industrialisation, green transitions, and labour dynamics.

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“The analysis in this book should inspire policy makers in African countries who hope to chart a new course towards resource-based industrialization that is transformative, inclusive, and sustainable”

Léonce Ndikumana, Distinguished Professor of Economics

Voices for Liberation
Conversations with Review of African Political Economy (Forthcoming, 2024)

Voices for Liberation is an edited collection of thirty-six interviews with African and Africanist radicals conducted by the Review of African Political Economy from 2015-2023. The interviews range from leading scholars such as Samir Amin and Issa Shivji, to significant national figures such as Guy Marius Sagna, Marjorie Mbilinyi, and Trevor Ngwane, to more local and less well-known activists and organic intellectuals such as Yusuf Serunkuma, Lena Anyuolo, and Bienvenu Matumo.


Green Transitions



Conflict Minerals